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Cleanroom systems– services and products

Reinraum Wandsysteme

Our cleanroom partition, ceiling systems and related components meet GMP/FDA, as well as VDI (Association of German Engineers) 2083 and DIN 14644 requirements.
The double-walled partition systems are made from sheet steel, high-grade steel or aluminium. They come in a lacquered or powder-coated finish. Composite constructions with metal panels and drywall panelling allow for user-specific and reasonably-priced solutions.

The modular structure of the partition and ceiling systems is ideal for room-in-room solutions, as well as qualified, complex cleanroom constructions.

Fully glazed walls, walk-in and non-walk-in ceiling systems with integrated cleanroom lighting (both conventional and LED), various door constructions, as well as wall protection systems, are also part of our product range.

Custom-made, variable floor and wall mountings, including hollows, wall/wall and wall/ceiling.

Services and products